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Saftey and Quality Shoes are at the heart of our approach.

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The word “KAAS” has been taken from the Kaas Plateau located near Pune in Maharashtra because we epitomize ecology & sustainability through the supply chain.

KAAS FOOTWEAR INDUSTRIES address ecology, sustainability of leather and footwear production while keeping in mind the discerning consumers wish for a safe, hygienic and comfortable product not forgetting the need for style, colors and aesthetics in affordable Prices.

Direct Manufacturer to Customer

Get Shoes Directly from Manufacturer to Customer no middle man involve in the process.
ISI Certified

Our Shoes are ISI Marked, certified from laboratories like CLRI, CLI, FDDI and PFI.

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Our each products come under warranty against defects in workmanship & materials.

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Kaas Protuff Saftey Shoes

Protuff Safety Shoes are manufactured with the help of state of art Hi-tech machineries that are imported from ITALY, TAIWAN. The machineries are designed to manufacture heavy industrial application safety shoes. Protuff Safety shoes offer a wide range of safety shoes specially designed for different kinds of industries, such as construction, electrical and chemical industries, Mining, hospitality, etc. Every range of our Protuff Safety Shoes is born after, extensive R&D from our consultant team from Italy along with our experienced technical Heads and designers. We are certified with ISI certification at present and are in the process of obtaining CE Certification. Our main motto is safety backed up with quality; hence we have responsible partners supplying us with the best quality raw materials.

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We provide Saftey Shoes for SME, Industries & Goverments

Kaas footwear industries ’is well known for its fine leather material and sustainable manufacturing of shoes fulfilling the customer need of safety along with high comfort level and hygiene,not forgetting the need for style, colours and aesthetics in affordable prices.